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A Partnership for Protection

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“Cement plants, metal processing factories and mining installations are very expensive industrial units. After going through such heavy costs to commission an industrial plant, we would be deceiving ourselves if we tried to run expensive industries with cheap maintenance. Use of substandard lubricants causes irreparable damage to the machinery that are vital to our industry and economy. By launching a partnership with Germany’s Fuchs, our company has endeavored to introduce to the Iranian market a leading supplier of special lubricants, coating technology and services. Local production of Fuchs products will be the next major step to ensure smooth operation and protection of Iranian industries.”

A. Azadi, General Manager, Fuchs-MMI



1. Release Agents
Concrete shuttering fluids which provide a smooth, clean surface free of porosity, cavities and discoloration applied for concrete, bitumen, melt spinning nozzles and welding engineering.

2. Adhesive Lubricants
The CEPLATTYN range applied in open gear drives of tube mills, rotary kilns, dryers, ore mills, calcinators, gear racks and slide bars.

3. Lubricating Greases
Versatile and environment-friendly, these greases are applied for plain and roller bearings with metal soap thickener, bearings with non-soap thickener, gear and central lubrications systems, rails and wheel flanges. The range also includes food grade greases.

4. Lubricating Fluids
The wide spectrum includes chain lubricants, high temperature oils, rust looseners and food grade lubricating fluids.

5. Pastes and Grease Pastes
This category offers black lubricating pastes, white lubricating pastes, white grease pastes, high temperature pastes and hot thread pastes which are not dangerous to health.

6. Solid Film Lubricants
Solid film lubricants and anti-friction coatings form highly efficient dry lubricating films. They make it possible to pre-treat and store lubricated parts ready for assembly.

7. Aerosols
Both environmentally-friendly and technically-efficient, aerosols allow accurate aiming of lubricants, release agents, greases, pastes and solid film lubricants.

8. Metal Forming Lubricants
Ideal for special and/or difficult applications, including hot forming, auxiliary materials for die casting, mould casting and gravity casting.

9. Chemo-Technical Products
These are high-purity dry lubricating films which can also be used as additives to compounds.


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