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Supply: Reinforced Concrete Piles

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The Persian Gulf is undoubtedly an area of global significance. As an international waterway offering access to some of the most important ports of the Middle East, the Persian Gulf is used for the transfer of crucial commodities such as oil, gas and petrochemicals.
In addition to the existing establishments, some immense infrastructures have to be built in the region in line with development plans pursued by the littoral states. To strengthen the land and stabilize the Iranian shores for several projects, Pars Armineh Engineering (PAE) has developed a unique expertise in production of reinforced concrete piles. As a result, important installations, especially in the petrochemical sector, are now reliably erected on the PAE’s reinforced concrete piles. The company is now prepared to take orders from across the region to build and export reinforced concrete piles to the Persian Gulf countries.
Through the years of working closely with the Iranian petrochemical industry, PAE also developed valuable experience and established a plant in the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (Petzone) by the Persian Gulf. The company now plans to build its own chemical/petrochemical plant where it welcomes a qualified partner, preferably from Europe or Canada.
The ideal location of PAE base, the company’s remarkable expertise in the petrochemical industry, the low-cost production process of the Petzone, all create a recipe for success.
As a manufacturer of concrete piles, PAE knows well that a plant must have a strong foothold. In partnership, PAE is as reliable as its reinforced concrete piles.

Demand: Petrochemical Production Partnership

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Pars Armineh Engineering & Construction Co. (PAE) is your one-stop project executor with a unique expertise in production of reinforced concrete piles and construction of petrochemical plants.
The unique location of PAE plant in the south Iranian port of Mahshahr makes the company a winner in extending technical and engineering services to the Persian Gulf region. As a result, the company is perfectly positioned to export prefabricated concrete parts to the Persian Gulf countries.

PAE also welcomes qualified partners, preferably from Europe or Canada, to join in establishment of a high-tech plant for the production of chemicals, petrochemicals and their by-products in the Persian Gulf region.

PAE offers a package of expertise, ideal location and partnership commitment. Join in where your qualifications allow.

PAE Head Office:

Apt. 901, Khashayar Tower No. 11, Sharifi St., Vali-e Asr Ave., Tehran 19699 – IRAN


Tel: (+98 21) 879 61 56-7 Fax: (+98 21) 879 24 51

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