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Hungry for Glory

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Manijeh Kazemi

“This sport is at a high level among women internationally, and some Iranian ladies have made lots of efforts in this field.”

Behnam Tayebi
Freestyle Wrestling

“I have had tough competitions with top ranking domestic wrestlers. I will try to return home with honors.”

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Alireza Dabir
Freestyle Wrestling

“I have top rank rivals in Sydney and I know how to fight with them. I am the representative of a country which has had many champions.”

Mohammad Talaei
Freestyle Wrestling

“One should be able to defeat champions. If my strength allows, and I am sure it will, I gain success in Olympics.”

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Amir Tavakolian
Freestyle Wrestling

Chosen for the national team right at the beginning, he is the fastest wrestler with timely actions. He goes to Sydney 2000 with hard work and lots of hope.

Pejman Dorostkar
Freestyle Wrestling

Iranian national team had selected seven wrestlers and was waiting for the fifth weight category. One day, Pejman Dorostkar and Massoud Jamshidi, his arch-rival, fought for three times. The result was 2-0 in Dorostkar’s favor…

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Amir-Reza Khadem
Freestyle Wrestling

World Championship, three Olympic experiences and two Olympic medals make him an experienced wrestler. He has also served as the head couch of the national team.

Ali-Reza Heydari
Freestyle Wrestling

Clever, energetic and technically perfect, he has no substitute in 97 kg category. A major hope in Sydney.

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Abbas Jadidi
Freestyle Wrestling

Many believe that the gold medal of Atlanta ’96 was his. Moving to the heavyweight category, Jadidi wants his true title back in Sydney.

Hussein Rezazadeh

Rezazadeh is a 22 -year-old rival for all the world’s heavyweights. He holds the world record of snatch lift and is the world youth champion.

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Shahin Nasirinia

He has achieved world championship in Greece competitions and believes the biggest victory is an Olympic victory.

Hossein Tavakoli

In his Olympic debut, he is now ready to find a secure place for himself within the heavyweight category.

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Mohammad Hossein Barkhah

With a very promising performance, he competes in the busiest weight category.

Hassan Rangraz
Greco-Roman Wrestling

“In this wrestling style, achieving victory is much harder as compared to freestyle wrestling. Therefore, Iranians should fight bravely.”

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Parviz Zeidvand
Greco-Roman Wrestling

“I had very tough fights with Europeans, though Asians have become good at Greco-Roman. The real victory would be achieved when we defeat top rankers.”

Ali Ashkani
Greco-Roman Wrestling

“Our rivals in Sydney Games are both young and powerful. The honor of Olympic victory is above that of the world competitions. I hope to deserve wearing the national team uniform.”

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Babak Moghimi

In boxing, gaining records does not make sense: sometimes draws make important changes. “I am very excited about participating in Sydney Games.”

Anoushiravan Nourian

“Amateur boxing in Olympic Games will take place at a high level. I am also an amateur boxer and try to be a good representative from the Asian continent.”

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Bijan Batmani

“I have been working in this field for years and have taken part in very tough competitions.”

Mohammad Rahimi

“I do hope to turn out as a strong and peaceful sportsman. But in the battle scene, I will try to have an honorable fight. Boxing means fighting.”

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Kazem Sarikhani

“Judo is very similar to Iranian traditional wrestling. We want to say that we are from a country in which wrestling is a tradition.”

Arash Miresmaeili

“I am in a good weight category. I feel it is my duty to try for victory even beyond my capability.”

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Mahmoud Miran

“I have seen international sports battle fields several times. Now it is time to stand against the world champions consciously.”

Majid Aflaki

He is a prominent sportsman who has shown his merits several times in international competitions and defeated well-known rivals. Olympics is a unique opportunity for him.

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Hadi Saei

“This sport does not have a long history in Iran, but the present generation has shown good talents in this field.”

Ahmad Kazemi

“The addition of mountain cycling is a very good opportunity for Asian cyclists. Europeans are expert in this field; we have to do our best.”

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Hossein Askari

“If cycling competitions like those in France, Spain and Italy were held in Asian countries, this field would be expanded a lot.”

Mehdi Jelodarzadeh

The only Iranian sportsman in athletics is determined to break the record of Iran and Asian Games in his field. He has last run 800 meters in 1: 47: 84.

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Majid Ehteshamzadeh
Table Tennis

He has shown that he is very capable in this field as his father during the long years he has been playing table tennis. He is no less than a Chinese or Japanese player.

Nader Eivazi

Canoeing was held in the first new rounds of Games. It started in Los Angeles and in Berlin in 1936, various canoeing fields were held. Eivazi is the first Iranian canoeist taking part in Olympics.

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Hamid Reza Mobarez

A young swimmer, Mobarez will gain experience in Sydney while testing his chances for victory.

Ali Nilforooshan

Nilforooshan is the only sportsman from Iran who will take part in equestrian field. He will participate in horse Jumping for “Prix des Nations”.