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Flight in the
Line of Duty

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The plane took off, and never landed. It was taking the Minister of Roads & Transportation Dr. Rahman Dadman, and his high-ranking entourage, to Golestan Province where the Minister was going to inaugurate an airport.
There were thirty-two people on the Yak 40 including the Minister of Roads & Transportation, deputy ministers, and Parliament members of Golestan Province. None of them survived the crash which was reportedly caused by bad weather over the mountainous forests of northern Iran.
“The late Dr. Rahman Dadman was a competent and knowledgeable executive. The Iranian nation and government have sustained a great loss,” regretted President Khatami in a condolence message.

An Exemplary Executive

Through his eternal flight in the line of duty, Iran’s late Minister of Roads & Transportation Dr. Rahman Dadman definitely made his way to ‘Golestan’. Only very few people fly that high.

Born in 1956, Dadman obtained his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Tehran University School of Engineering and later received a Ph.D. in the same discipline from Manchester University. He played an active role in the establishment of Construction Jihad, where he served for four years. Dr. Dadman was later appointed as a deputy in the Strategic Research Center and a faculty member of Tehran University School of Engineering.
In 1998, he was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Roads and Transportation and Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways. In recognition of his invaluable services in that capacity, Dr. Dadman was decorated by the Vice President as an exemplary executive. Dr. Dadman took office as the Minister of Roads & Transportation in January 2001 following a Cabinet reshuffle.

Destination: Heaven

‘Golestan’ in Farsi means ‘the flower garden’, and that was where Dadman and his entourage flew to in the line of duty. Only very few people fly that high.