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November 2003 / No. 26


Aluminum Exemplary Exporter

In March 1991, when Almahdi Aluminum Corporation (AAC) was established in the Bandar Abbas Special Economic Mines and Metals Zone, the initial plan was for it to produce 220,000 tons of aluminum per year, with this figure being able to rise to 330,000 tons per year.

The AAC is currently producing at an annual rate of 55,000 tons, but will boost that figure to 110,000 tons of primary aluminum with the completion of its first developmental phase by March 2004.

The company sees 90% of its monthly production shipped off overseas; to countries such as India, China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam being the main importers.

The execution of Phase 2 is currently underway with Almahdi’s Projects and Development Department concluding several contracts in this regard. This phase is planned to be finalized by mid-2005, which will see the establishment of 240 new smelter pots. The execution of Phase 3 is also under appropriate studies for reaching a final decision.

The Anode Manufacturing Plant is an example of the actions taken by company. This plant will commence production by mid-2004. When this plant commences production at 220,000 tons per year, $70 million in foreign exchange saving will be achieved.

Another example of the company’s activities is registering its production (Aluminum Sows) in the London Metals Exchange as well as obtaining the ISO 9001 Standard Certificate.

Almahdi Aluminum Corporation

Head Office:

No. 30, West Sarv Ave., Saadatabad, Tehran-Iran

Post Code: 1998843373

Tel.: (+9821) 2362596-9 / 2091632

Fax: (+9821) 236246



18 km from Shaheed Radjaei Quay Road, Next to the Refinery,

Bandar Abbas, Iran

Tel.: (+98761) 592100

Fax: (+98761) 592111



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  Nov. 2003 / No. 26