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September 2004 / No. 31

IRISLís Fish Strategically Swims the Seas of Success

"If you have a dead fish in the sea, the waves will take it wherever they want. The dead fish has no will of its own. If this dead fish is likened to an economic institution, it is like that institution has no strategy, plan or will of its own and has no idea where it is going. So without a strategy economic institutions are like a dead fish floating around in the turbulent seas."

Ali Ashraf Afkhami,
ís Chairman and Managing Director

Novemberís Special Issue

In November 2004, Iran International Magazine will publish a Special Issue to show that, far from dead, the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Linesí (IRISL) fish is alive and well, and has risen against the tide of competition, with strategies to successfully swim through the turbulent market seas with increased vitality and vigor.

International and Iranian experts, managers and companies will be present in Novemberís Special Issue to tell the story of IRISLís internationalization, and how it outgrew its domestic pond to swim alongside the seasoned whales in the high seas.

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  Sep.  2004 / No. 31