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September 2004 / No. 31


Safdar Hosseini,
Minster of Economic Affairs and Finance

Interaction for Integration in the Global Economy

Iran enjoys all key factors for playing its deserved role not only in the Middle East, but also in the whole world because the country is a good place for economic activities.

Seyed Mohammad Khatami, President of Islamic Republic of Iran

Growth by Default not Deliberation

Some trade, industrial, monetary and banking policies during post-war years encouraged a large group of people to engage in brokerage and making profits through dealing in other peopleís needed commodities.

Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh, Managing Director of NPC

Asians Join Iranís Petchem Investors

Negotiations are underway with Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Japan for the participation of their companies in Iran's petrochemical projects.

Hashem Pesaran, Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge, UK

Iran, IMF, World Bank & WTO

Ultimately, the Central Bank must take charge of monetary and exchange policy, while the job of supervising the operations of the banking system must be given to some other institution.

Dr. Mousa Ghaninejad, Senior Economist

Political Freedom Adds Economic Quality

The globalized economy has requisites with which the countries should be attuned or risk isolation. We are currently isolated and are paying the price.

Dr. Kooros Sadighi, Senior Economic Advisor to the Management and Planning Organization

Finding Functions for FTZs

Establishment of FTZs in every country is not a move independent from the national economy, but is a tool for industrial development and part of large-scale strategies for realization of economic and social development.

Ali Milani, Managing Director of Bank Tejarat

Qualitative Standards Perquisite to International Trade

Measures taken to standardize the Bankís activities prompted the creditable EuroMoney magazine, which is trusted by financial and economic institutes throughout the world, to designate Bank Tejarat as Iranís best and most efficient bank of 2003.

M. B. Qalibaf, Secretary of the Goods and Foreign Exchange Anti-Smuggling Headquarters

Smuggling an Economic Phenomenon

We can prove that governmental organizations have nothing to do with smuggling. I have the authority to shut down illegal docks and I will do so.


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  Sep.  2004 / No. 31