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August 2011, No. 61

SAIRAN Electro-Optic Industries (Sabaa-Isfahan)

SAIRAN Communication Industries Company

Electronic Components Industries Company of Iran

Center for Measurement and Scale Identification


Forging ahead daily

SAIRAN Electro-Optic Industries (Sabaa-Isfahan)

Industrial Automation

Telemetry, ESCADA, dispatching, designing and implementing distributed control systems, DCS (SMAR, YOKOGAWA)

Monitoring, HMI, designing and manufacturing of different industrial and marine monitors.

Server controlling, designing and manufacturing of different drivers, precision instruments and sensors

Electronic designing on basis of latest technology of the day (ARM, FPGA, DSP)

Laser and electro optics technologies

Manufacturing different general and special industrial lasers

Protecting peripheral (electro optic systems, cable sensors, smart fences, electronic barriers)

Imaging and remote underwater operations (ROV)

Thermography and electro optic leak detection

Telecom and communications

Designing and implementing:

Alarm and paging systems (PAGA)

Analog and digital telephone branch exchange centers (PABX) 

Local area networks (LAN)

Meteorological sites (EMS)

Navigation aid systems (NDB)

Closed circuit systems (CCTV)

Optical communication systems (SDH.PDH)

Isfahan: Kaveh St., POB: 81465/313
Tel: 0311-4922710  Fax: 0311-4922727
Tehran: Nobonyad Sq., Shahid Lankari St.,
Shahid Teymouri Alley, SAIRAN, Electro Optic
Industries Company of SAIRAN

Tel: 021-22988026-29    Fax: 021-22988030


 Tehran, km 4 Artesh Highway, Opposite Sohanak Intersection,

Shahid Shahmoradi St., P.O.Box 19575-199

Tel: 22948500-4


  • Designing and supply of different measurement equipment, precision instruments and control systems

  •  Designing and setting up stable and mobile calibration and peripheral test laboratories

  •  Calibration of extensive spectrum of measurement equipment and precision instrument in electronic, mechanic, electro mechanic... fields

  •  Equipped with modern and advanced primary and secondary facilities and standards

  •  Established in standard atmosphere and controllable environmental conditions


  • Establishing laboratory quality management system based on ISO / IEC - 17025 : 2005 international standard

  •  Certificate of establishment ISO / IEC - 17025 : 2005

  •  Holding short and long-term training courses

  •  Repair, adjustment and test of measurement equipment and precision instrument

  •  Designing, producing and offering complete solutions demanded by industry  

Sairan Communication Industries Company

Sairan Communication Industries Company comprises six industrial units and a research center. It enjoys over 40 years of constant presence in academic, industrial and research centers of the country. It also takes advantage of modern technologies and skilled, committed and faithful manpower and is the most important designing, manufacturing and supplying military and communicative equipment and systems of the armed forces at the highest qualitative level. Today, by benefitting from modern and unprecedented industrial facilities, SAMA is following strong and appropriate organization, successful trade and bright background of manufacturing and implementing large communicative projects within the country, including designing and manufacturing of communicative equipment, urban communicative systems, mechanical parts and equipment, manufacture of multi-layer printed circuit and implementation of large communicative projects inside the country such as equipments of the first and second mobile phone operative stations, etc.

Sairan Communication Industries Company by reliance on technical-engineering capabilities and innovations of expertized national forces in addition to proving effective presence at national arena and implementing macro projects in the field of electronic and communications, have obtained numerous academic honors, including nine awards of Kharazmi Academic Festival, three international registration of invention and submitting articles at creditable international seminars.

Some important activities of SAMA are as follows:


  • Over 20 research-based manufacturing lines (R & D)

  • Assembly of pats [SMD]

  • Designing with the help of computer

  • Advanced quality control on basis of international and military standards

  • Advanced and equipped laboratories for peripheral tests

  • Advanced communicative and electronic tests

  • Offering technical consultation in the field of select ion and application of communicative systems

  • Designing and implementing  cellular networks

  • Manufacture and implementation of transfer systems


    Optical networks [SDH]

  • Capacity to administer the entire network from one or more optical centers

  • Capacity to develop different protections in the network aiming to create a safe and reliable network

  • Offering simultaneous digital sound, image, and data services

  • Capacity to offer ATM services of communicative network

  • Capacity to offer different topologies at optic networks

  • Capacity to define access at different levels (low level and high level operator, network manager) with an aim to develop security in gaining access to the network

  • Possibility to define different users on the basis of their importance and services they use (user with high, medium or low importance)

  • Possibility to define routes with high or low reliability for creating a mechanism to protect these routes in the  network



  • Fully digital

  • Efficient application of the available frequency spectrum

  • Possibility of local networking with other communicative networks through standard interface

  • Collective security (authentication of identity of the network user, encryption of Air IF interface, end to end encryption)

  • Ability to render service and identify subscribers in other Tetra networks (Roaming) in case of transfer

  • Hand-free conversation hand-off among subscribers (extension of the network could be local, regional, national and international)


Tehran Nobonyad Sq., - Shahid Langari St.

Tel: 22554601-9  Fax: 22552027



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  August 2011
No. 61