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August 2011, No. 60

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New Trade Opportunities for Iranian & Russian Companies

"All people in Iran who are skeptic of Russia will be soon disappointed."

Making the above remark with his half-Iranian half-Russian accent, the Russian ambassador to Iran added that Russian specialists have not abandoned Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant. He also promised the Iranian people that Russia will never let Iran down and Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant will be made operational in the near future.

Alexander Sadovnikov stated that launching the power plant was demanded by both countries and the project will never be stopped. "It is not true that the Russian technicians have left the plantů. At present, three thousand Russians are working at the plant and we hope that it would be launched soon."

Rejecting any standstill in the operations, the Russian diplomat stated that activities at Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant were halted for a few days due to some repairs on the nuclear reactors and that they are now fully operational.

"Russia does not seek to delay the project. We are stakeholders and its launch is to our benefit," he added.

The Russian ambassador then pointed to banking problems faced by the Iranian and Russian businesspeople and added that banking problems called for serious attention.

"We must give time to our companies to exchange money with Iran. Some steps have been taken which cannot be explained here, but I hope that this would happen soon to facilitate monetary exchanges," he said.

Sadovnikov added that the UN Security Council sanctions were considered red lines by Russia, but this did not mean that Moscow will close its doors to other countries, especially Iran.

"We are interested in promoting relations with Iran and we hope to be able to use potentialities of both countries for development of trade exchanges," he noted.

Speaking on the sidelines of a conference on Iran-Russia trade, Sadovnikov reflected on a meeting among Caspian Sea littoral states on development of railroads.

He said, "Working groups comprising deputy ministers of foreign affairs will meet soon followed by a Summit meeting and we hope effective decisions will be taken."

The ambassador added that Caspian Sea cannot be left on its own and made clarification of shares of littoral countries from the see conditional on a final agreement to be reached by Iran and Turkmenistan.

He added, "Each country has its own views and reasons. Their differences should be resolved through negotiations to determine the situation of Caspian Sea."

The Russian ambassador also stated that according to available statistics, trade volume between the two countries has reached 3.7 billion dollars which is close to the figure announced by the head of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran.


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  August 2011
No. 60