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August 2011, No. 61

Exclusive 16th International Oil Show


The Largest Engineering Company of Iran

Implementing over Forty Major Oil & Petrochemical Projects


Bahman Reza Pourjafar, PIDEC Managing Director

Petrochemical Industries Design and Engineering Company was founded by members of the board of directors of the National Iranian Petrochemical Industries Company in Iranian calendar month of Aban (October/November) 1985 with an aim to gain access to technical and industrial self-sufficiency and transfer and develop technology through implementation of designing and engineering operations in the field of industrial projects especially in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Meanwhile, implementation of logistics operations relevant to industrial projects, supervision over operation and construction of major projects and other accomplishments which provided for gaining access to the announced target, either independently or with the cooperation of domestic and foreign companies were among its other targets. In subsequent stages all the shares of the company were ceded to the private sector.

PIDEC with a current capacity of over 3 million people/hour technical and engineering potential per year is capable of implementing oil industry projects within the country as well as participating in foreign bids and thus allocating parts of its engineering capacity to projects outside the country.

PIDEC has a record of participation with license holder and technologically equipped companies and creditable foreign contractors or successfully implementing projects independently over the past 40 years.

The company, since its establishment up to date, has also offered valuable services in the area of implementing oil, gas and petrochemical industrial projects and in addition to the training of engineers and strengthening its technical personnel and promotion of their technical know-how has made constant efforts for developing suitable background for the transfer of technology and technical know-how on dynamic and innovative basis and has gained outstanding achievements through cooperation with creditable world companies and has always taken pioneering steps with an aim to upgrade its engineering capabilities.

A brief review of the projects implemented by PIDEC shows that the company is capable of implementing projects with basic engineering and could independently accomplish a series of detailed engineering services up to the final stages of purchasing and supplying machineries and actively participate in the construction, operation and exploitation of major industrial projects.

PIDEC has taken advantage of license holding companies with high technology as its foreign partners or subsidiary contractors in offering engineering services or has been able to conclude exclusive license agreements with creditable foreign companies. Furthermore, PIDEC by relying on its past experience in engineering of complicated petrochemical and oil projects could undertake principled engineering of non-licensed units and if necessary through scaling up with the assistance of its research structure could also cover principled engineering of under license units.

It should be noted that implementation of projects such as Bandar Imam MTBE, Avicenna aromatic and project for increasing capacity of Abadan refinery (first phase) and Razi third ammonia unit are among projects that have been independently implemented by PIDEC and have already been put into operation.

The following are other projects that have been accomplished by Petrochemical Industry Design and Engineering Company (PIDEC):

  •  Urea and ammonia project at South Pars special zone (Ghadir one and two petrochemicals)

  •  Methanol 4th first and second project (Zagros methanol)

  •  Jam ethylene oxide ethylene glycol (EO/EG) project, (Jam petrochemicals)

  •  Ethylene oxide ethylene glycol project (Maroon petrochemicals)

  •  Heavy polyethylene project HDPE (Amir Kabir petrochemicals)

  •  Third aromatic project (Avicenna petrochemicals)

  •  Kharg NGL compressor platform project

  •  Abadan Refinery third phase development project

And currently:

  •  Bandar Abbas gasoline production increase project

  •  Pars oil refinery project (basic engineering services)

  •  Sabalan methanol project

  •  VenIran methanol project

  •  EPC Hengam urea/ammonia project are under implementation.


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  August 2011
No. 61