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IPF Exclusive, July 2013

Tenth Iran Petrochemical Forum | Summit 2013

100 Million Tons Capacity
by the End of the Fifth Plan

With future outlook for the use of petrochemical products and achievements for proper utilization of this capacity, the giant oil industry and the locomotive of all industries should move towards unsparing development of petrochemical industry and through the formation of new petrochemical poles in future all resources in the country should be provided by petrochemical industry.

The share of petrochemicals in non-oil exports in the calendar year 1391 (2012-2013) was about 40 percent which, with utilization of new plans in the current year would go higher.

Rostam Qassemi,
Oil Minister

Oil Minister Rostam Qassemi says: "We should go after the development of midstream and downstream units in order to distribute this giant wealth in the country."

He said that last year 700 million tons of gas was exported while economic analysts were arguing that survival of the Oil Ministry with regard to such an expanded volume of activities and economic sanctions would be impossible in the absence of reliance on Western countries. "But, by relying on the merit and initiative of the Iranians which is exemplary in the world and with no reliance on Western countries we succeeded in continuing our path and made great achievements."

A. Bayat, Managing Director of the National Petrochemical Company

Managing Director of the National Petrochemical Company Abdolhossein Bayat says: "With the operation of 'Mehr-e-Mandegar' plans the capacity of this industry would reach 64 million tons while with the establishment and operation of five new petrochemical projects the capacity of petrochemical industries would reach 76 million tons."

He said in addition to the new three plans in Chabahar, Lavan and Sarakhs which would serve as the new petrochemical poles after Mahshahr and Assalouyeh and have been considered on the basis of land preparation and attraction of domestic and foreign investment. Meanwhile, 20 new petrochemical development projects with the participation and investment of the private sector are under implementation, he added.

The managing director of the National Petrochemical Company further remarked that our target to reach production of 100 million tons would be realized by the end of the Fifth Plan in case the projects are financed and the banking system supports the project.


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  July 2013
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