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December 2016, No. 81

IMIDRO Exclusive

Iran’s Successful Presence in IMARC Melbourne

Dr. Karbasian urged Australian companies to move faster if they want to maintain presence in the Iranian market and do not want to lag behind the European and East Asian rivals.

At the invitation of Minister for Energy and Resources of Australia’s Victoria State, Lily D’Ambrosio, Managing Director of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) Dr. Mehdi Karbasian attended the International Mining And Resources Conference Melbourne (IMARC Melbourne) from November 9-12, 2015. Dr. Karbasian headed a delegation comprising IMIDRO directors and representatives from Chadormalu Iron Ore Company, Gol Gohar Complex and Mines and Metals Investment Company as well as chairman of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture and his deputy to the conference.

Dr. Karbasian, one of the main speakers of the event, delivered a speech on ‘prospect of the mining sector and mineral industries of Iran; investment opportunities’ which was hailed as one of the most popular programs of the conference. Clearly outlining the advantages of investment in the Iranian mining sector and mining industries, Karbasian made a reference to the valuable mineral reserves of Iran, considerable gas reserves, long and strategic coastlines, access to international waters, expert and knowledge-based manpower, and domestic and regional consumption markets.  He explained development strategies of the mine and mining industries of Iran and invited all the investors to visit Iran and get closely acquainted with the conditions. He termed public and legal protection for the presence of the investors as a relative advantage in this regard.

In the course of the meetings which were held on November 10, Karbasian and Jay Meek, Trade Deputy of the Economic Development Department of the State of Victoria and John Butler, Commercial and Economic Representative of Victoria in Dubai held talks and exchanged views on the expansion of Iran-Australia economic relations in the field of mine and mining industries by focusing on trade-exploration and R & D – joint cooperation and investment in a third country such as the CIS countries and Afghanistan and transfer of technical, technological and expert training knowledge related to the mine and mining industries.

In a separate meeting with Isaac Court from the Australian Trade Commission, the two sides discussed expansion of trade relations in the field of mineral substances.

On November 11, Karbasian met and conferred with Bob Adam, Managing Director of AMC (Australian Mining Company) to discuss long-term contracts for the supply of the required bauxite by Iran’s aluminum industry. The two sides also reviewed the process of cooperation in bauxite mine in Guinea which is highly important for Iran’s aluminum industry.

In continuation of the business trip, Karbasian met with Robert Trzebski, senior Executive Director of Austmine which is the largest mining association in Australia with a turnover of $90 billion in 2014. The Australian side announced full readiness for cooperation in the field of transfer of technology from exploration up to final exploitation. Inviting members of the companies affiliated with Austmine to pay a visit to Iran to become acquainted with investment opportunities, the IMIDRO chief stressed the expansion of mining relations of Iranian and Australian companies through further communication of IMIDRO and Austmine.

Karbasian held a separate meeting with the managing director and senior directors of Instep, the largest expert training company in the field of mine and mining industries. The Australian side announced its full readiness for cooperation in the field of education, research and development with IMIDRO through Iran Mineral Processing Research Center (IMPRC) and other relevant companies. Australia is one of the advanced mineral countries and educational interaction between the two countries will be highly beneficial.

On November 11, also a meeting was held between Karbasian and Steve Coughlan, head of the board of directors and owner of Byrnecut Company which is the largest contractor company in Australia in the field of mine, especially underground mines. In this meeting, the two sides held good talks on further cooperation on IMIDRO projects in the form of EPCF.

Karbasian also attended a luncheon hosted by Ms D’Ambrosio.

On the second day of the visit, Karbasian, accompanied by IMIDRO experts and directors, met with officials from World Poly, Gasco, ATC Williams, CSIRO, PWC, and KPMG which are all among creditable Australian companies in the field of mine and mining industries. In these meetings, the Australian sides were invited to make investments in the field of mine and mining industries in Iran with the priority of transferring technical and technological knowledge.

On November 12, Karbasian started his meetings with Hugh Morgan, Managing Director, and senior officials of Arete Capital Company which is one of the largest financing and investment companies of Australia. The Australian company was invited to make financing and direct investment in IMIDRO projects. This was followed by a meeting with Terry Arson, Managing Director of Forescue Metals Mining Group, the third large producer of iron ore in Australia and the fourth iron ore giant in the world with a production of 165 million tons of iron ore per year and possessing railroad and port transport system. It also owns 100% of the equipment and facilities for production and transportation up to the destination. Karbasian demanded transfer of expertise and participation in the development of Iran’s mining infrastructures in the form of joint ventures, either directly or jointly through Australian and Iranian companies.

Karbasian also conferred with Josh Frydenberg, MP and Energy and Resource Minister of Australia and reviewed expansion of economic relations between Iran and Australia, especially in the field of mine and mining industries. Meanwhile, Chairman of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture Masoud Khansari met with Mark Stone, Chairman of Melbourne Chamber of Commerce and discussed resumption and expansion of economic ties between the two sides’ companies.

In his meeting with Frydenberg, Karbasian presented him with an official invitation from Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh to visit Iran. Grounds were also prepared for the presence of a high-ranking Australian delegation in the field of mine, industry, agriculture and trade in Iran. Also, it was decided that Australian companies attend IMIS 2016, Iran’s mining conference.

Australia’s Ambassador in Iran Paul Foley in the closing days of 2015 met with head of IMIDRO board of directors and announced that the Australian minister of trade and investment will visit Iran at the head of an economic delegation comprising senior directors of large Australian mining, mineral, industrial and trade companies. He said according to the schedule, the visit will take place by May 2016.

The ambassador also announced the decision of his country’s chamber of commerce for opening an economic bureau in Iran (Tehran) and said the Australian government and companies are fully aware of economic opportunities in the Iranian market and expansion of economic cooperation with Iran is of special attraction for them.

Foley referred to the position of the world known mining companies and said only a few countries such as Brazil, Canada and the United Sates have mining companies as large as the Australians. Therefore, presence of Australian companies will result in outstanding development in promotion of bilateral relations in the mining sector.

According to the Australian ambassador, the two sides will have a good future for the development of cooperation, especially in the mine sector and the mineral industries. Also speaking in the meeting, head of the IMIDRO board of directors welcomed presence of Australian companies in Iran and said an invitation has been forwarded to the Australian mines minister by Nematzadeh. Karbasian stressed: “We also intend to have presence of officials and head of large Australian companies in Iran’s specialized conferences such as oil and steel – IMIS as well as prospect of steel (ISMC) prior to the visit of the Australian economic delegation.”

He further said that in IMIDRO’s point of view, cooperation and investment in mining information, research and development as well as technology enjoys higher priority than other fields. Dr. Karbasian urged Australian companies to move faster if they want to maintain presence in the Iranian market and do not want to lag behind the European and East Asian rivals.


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  December 2016
No. 81