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December 2016, No. 81

IMIDRO Exclusive

Tehran to Host IMIS 2016

Iran has been faced with appropriate economic opportunities in post-sanctions era. The situation of international participation and investment is improving every day. Iran hopes to make a full comeback to the global markets within a year.

There is a big difference between post-sanctions and pre-sanctions Iran. The Supreme Leader has given top priority to the ĎEconomy of Resistanceí in the countryís mission and vision. On this basis, Iran must strengthen the pillars of its economy. In order to attain this goal, there are numerous infrastructures and prerequisites such as increasing financial transparency, reforming the taxation system, revising investment rules and regulations, etc. which are being done quickly and a major part of it has been accomplished.

In the meantime, the Iranian economy should come out of reliance on a single product. If oil continues to remain the only source of the government revenue, any fluctuations in the oil market would greatly affect the countryís plan and budget. Should the government decide to increase its production and revenue components in the GDP, one of the best options would be the mines and mining industries sector. In similar economies, it has been determined that one percent direct growth in mining GDP would cause three percent growth in total GDP.

Iran is blessed with abundant mineral and energy recourses and is fully ready to attract foreign investment. The first summit on Iranís Mines and Mining Industries (IMIS 2015) was a successful experience. The event that was held in Tehran gathered together more than 1670 delegates from 590 companies from 21 countries. This encouraged IMIDRO (Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization) to hold IMIS 2016 on December 10-11. The event will be attended by credible domestic and foreign companies and investors active in mining sector. Up to the preparation of this report, 38 foreign companies had registered to participate in this conference, which shows an increase of 81 percent as compared to last year. Meanwhile, 53 persons from outside Iran have also registered to attend the conference.

Iran has a young, educated and experienced workforce, a huge market for domestic and regional consumption, access to international waterways, low cost labor, a developed infrastructure of roads, railways, ports, power supply and telecommunication network, together with asset of investor friendly laws and regulations; all of which make Iran a particularly attractive country for international investors.

Iran possesses 68 different types of minerals. Its proven iron ore reserves stand at 2.7 billion tons (0.8% of total global reserves) and proven copper ore reserves are 2.6 billion tons, which account for 4% of global reserves. Iran also possesses 11 million tons of zinc (4% of global reserves). The total proven reserves are estimated at 55 billion tons which would reach more than 70 billion tons with new discoveries of 300,000 sq. km. The mines and mining industry have a 25% market share in Tehran Stock Exchange with a value of approximately $30 billion.

IMIDRO as Iranís largest holding in Mines and Mining Industries has always played an important and crucial role in Iranís economy. And today in the year of Economy of Resistance through Ďactioní and Ďimplementationí in compliance with its mission and responsibility to develop and renovate, IMIDRO has created a leap in mines and mining industries sector by taking advantage of national and international potentials so that it could attain its real status, namely to pioneer non-oil development and national production.

IMIS 2016 as the most credible IMIDRO-backed mining conference welcomes all national and international investors, mining companies, mining machinery companies, consulting companies, technological and engineering companies, contractors, banks, insurance companies and financial institutions as well as all mining industries activists to take part in this important event every year to discover the latest investment and cooperation opportunities in mines and mining industries as well as providing the latest technologies, management skills and knowhow to develop mining industry in Iran.

Conference Topics

        IMIDROís Exploration Packages for International Mining Companies, Investors & Financiers

        Excellence in Mining: Value Realization through Innovation, Technology, Productivity & Cost Management

        Iran Mines & Mining Industries Role in Iranís Economy

        Iranís Government Incentives to Develop Mining Activities for Economic Growth

        Applying Compatible Finance Strategies for Iranís Mines & Mining Industries Development Projects

        Iranís Mines & Mining Industries: Globalization and Challenges

        Introducing New Technologies in the Mining Industry

        IMIDROís Mines & Mining Projects to Invest: Approaches, Laws & Regulations

    B2B & B2G Meetings             


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  December 2016
No. 81