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May 2017, No. 83

IMIDRO Exclusive

Another Honor for Mobarakeh Steel Co.

The sales system in Mobarakeh Steel Company, due to the large variety of products and widespread technical specifications, is managed based on the customer orders.

Dr. Sobhani,  Managing Director of Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Co.

Steel production in Iran has a historical background and the names of some areas and regions in the country are derived from this craft and industry. In contemporary Iran, the terms ‘steel’ and ‘steel industry’ are intertwined with the city of Esfahan and Mobarakeh Steel Company. MSC is among the leading Iranian companies and according to many experts is the gem of Iran’s industry. It is active in the field of production of steel sheets and plays a pivotal role in the country’s industrial, economic and social development and improvement of the technology level of steel industry. Meantime, as a world class organization, MSC is supplying over 50% of the steel demand of the country for use in auto and parts industries, light metal industries, heavy metal industries and liquid conduit pipes, packaging industries, household appliances and electrical industries as well as pipes and profile industries. Mobarakeh Steel Company possesses several industrial complexes around the country and more than 20 thousand people are employed in different sectors of the company. Indirect employment in this complex is over 100 thousand people.

Sales System

The sales system in Mobarakeh Steel Company, due to the large variety of products and widespread technical specifications, is managed based on the customer orders. In this regard, after reaching the required agreements on price and product specifications, the order is registered for delivery in a system at a specific time. Given the geographical expansion and diversity of the customers and in line with more efficient management of the market, exports have been divided into two parts: (1) Far East and Europe (2) Middle East.

Sales of the export products are made within the framework proposed by different regions and price offers on the part of active customers. The prices are approved on the basis of FOB and the customers are informed of the base quality. Meanwhile, according to customer specifications, extra costs will be added at the time of order registration. In case of confirmation of the proposed prices, each of the above-mentioned regions will take measures to issue orders for their customers. 

Customer Acceptance

In export markets, products are merely sold to legal foreign companies registered outside the country. On this basis, companies that are willing to buy from Mobarakeh Steel Company, after sending their initial request indicating business cooperation, should send the required documents, including filled questionnaire, articles of association of their company, balance sheet and profit and loss statement, the turnover endorsed by the customer’s bank, list of steel products consumers (in the event the customer is a businessman) and list of the banks through which the customer opens LCs, together with other documents on the performance and experience of the customer in the field of steel products, to the export management. 

Research & Development

Presently, expansion of commercial activities, globalization, and rapid technological changes in organizations has made them enjoy the required flexibility for their survival and competitive advantages. The necessity for flexibility is rapid changes and rapid changes are impossible in the absence of information and conducting research works. As a result, the information obtained from the research projects are considered to be a very rewarding source along with other effective factors in every organization.

Research works are conducted in Mobarakeh Steel Company by university professors, researchers and scholars. More details are available on MSC official website. Mobarakeh Steel Company in order to maintain its national and international status always makes investment in research projects. 

Another Honor for Mobarakeh Steel Company

The sixth international conference on Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) was held with an aim of assessing the level of value creation out of intellectual capitals. The president of the global most admired knowledge enterprises in Iran recognized MSC for enterprise-wide collaboration and knowledge sharing by presenting a plaque of honor to MSC Managing Director Dr. Sobhani.

Mobarakeh Steel Company possesses several industrial complexes around the country and more than 20 thousand people are employed in different sectors of the company.

At the sixth conference in 1395 (2016/2017) 70 Iranian organizations were evaluated out of which 45 entered the stage of closer appraisal and five organizations found their way into the finals of which MSC, Bank Pasargad and Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex were selected as the top three MAKE organizations in Iran.

MAKE research program was established in 1998 to recognize leading organizations for their ability to transform corporate knowledge into enterprise intellectual capital and shareholder wealth or societal wealth (for public sector and non-profit organizations).

Besides the Global MAKE study, regional MAKE studies are conducted for the Americas, Asia and Europe. In additional, national MAKE studies are conducted for Hong Kong and Mainland China, India, Indonesia and Iran.

The eight main axes of the award include organizational leadership, organizational learning the organization, creating an interactive environment for knowledge sharing, organizational culture, innovation, intellectual capital, customer knowledge, and value creating out of knowledge for the stakeholders plus attaching 150 indexes of evaluation of companies. The event is hosted every three years in an Asian country. Hong Kong will host the next event in January where top Iranian companies will exchange experience with Asian counterparts. Some 70 to 90 percent of the capitals of 500 top world organizations are considered intellectual capital and we hope that Iranian organizations will take the same course.

International Investment

Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company is ready to admit foreign investors in the field of development of steel industry in Iran and in preserving its share in the Iranian and regional markets as well as for development of products. Also, the company is ready to attend steel related international consortiums. This complex will study international proposals and respond to them as soon as possible.


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  May 2017
No. 83