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October 2015

BIM Exclusive

High Speed Rail Project

President Hassan Rouhani on the first leg of his trip to Qom Province issued instructions for the launching of construction operations of Tehran-Qom-Isfahan high speed rail project.

The fund for the project has been provided by the Bank of Industry and Mine through China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure) and the China Railways Engineering Corporation (CREC) will implement the project with the cooperation of Khatam-ul Anbia Headquarters as the domestic contractor.

Out of the total cost ($2.73 billion) of the project about $1.8 billion will be financed by BIM.

With the implementation of the 375 km Tehran-Qom-Isfahan express railway which will be completed in four years the distance will be reduced to 90 minutes.

The number of trains in use in this route will be 2 sets of CRH3 trains each with a capacity of 557 passengers.

This railway which initially will be implemented in two lines will enable transportation of electrified express trains with a speed of 300 to 350 km per hour.

With the implementation of this railway the rail route of Tehran to Isfahan will be reduced by 138 km. With the commissioning of the project some 55 billion tomans will be saved in fuel consumption.

Artapan MDF Plant

In a ceremony attended by First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri the MDF plant of Artapan Company will be inaugurated in Ardebil Province.

With the opening of the plan which has used 11 million euros in foreign exchange and 30 billion rials facilities of the Bank of Industry and Mine, job opportunities will be provided for 137 fellow countrymen.

The project for the MDF plant of Artapan Company was implemented in early 2011 in an area of 10 hectares of land in the Artaplast Private Industrial Town in the city of Namin.

The company, which in addition to the mentioned facilities has received 40 billion rials of supplementary facilities and 90 billion rials of circulating capital of the Bank of Industry and Mine, will produce 84 thousand cubic meters of raw MDF per year.      

Alyaf Gostar Company in Yazd Inaugurated

According to a report released by the Bank of Industry and Mine (BIM), the company which is located in Yazd Industrial Town (Special Economic Zone) will produce 40 thousand tons of polyester and hollow fiber annually. Construction of a small scale combined heat and power (CHP) plant by the company with the production capacity of 108 million kw/h electricity per year in line with the supply of the required electricity for the production of fiber as well as supplying part of the provincial electricity requirement is among other measures of the company.

Bank of Industry and Mine has allocated 7.500 million euros in forex facility plus 100 billion rials in local currency for the production of fiber and 48 million Yuan for the construction of the power plant.

With the commissioning of the project which has been established in one of the deprived regions of the country direct job opportunities have been created for 184 people.

BIM & Environment 

The Bank of Industry and Mine (BIM) on the basis of the latest decision of its Council of Deputies has conditioned grant of facilities on assurances that industrial projects will not have adverse effects on the environment.

The aforementioned decision was adopted in line with the social mission of the BIM and the importance of preventing negative environmental impacts on the people’s health.

The Council of Deputies of the Bank of Industry and Mine further stressed that as of the beginning of the next year (March 21) all the created and development projects should necessarily include environmental report as well.

The above-mentioned report includes the type of industry, size of investment, type of product and other determining indicators and their advantages and limitations in the field of observation of the environmental issues.


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